how about angry Asian Christian?

Just thinking out loud– what if someone were to blog as the “angry Asian Christian”? An excerpt from a Gmail Chat between me and David Park today (posted with permission)::

me: or, you could be our Asian Mark Driscoll
David: ha
i’m hardly that articulate with my speech
me: i wasn’t thinking so much about Driscoll’s articulation, i was thinking of his raw edginess
David: you find me edgy? haha yesssss
me: his church is going to have people protesting against them this Sunday
David: really?
me: [update: Driscoll met with the protest organizer and a small group of other concerned leaders, and now the protest is called off + also read 2 other perspectives on the pivotal meeting from Rose Madrid-Swetman and Dwight Friesen]
David: that’s one way to get people out to church
me: (not really, but to some people, he sure knows how to push the buttons)
David: maybe i should be as edgy
i think that cuttingtruth guy, john lee is much more edgier than i
me: yes he is 🙂
i didn’t see a bio on John Lee,
David: me neither
me: tho’ he asked for intros in his Google Group [for 2nd Gen Conference Discussion]
David: really
yeah, he’s a little bit angrier than me i guess
mine is more of a whining
me: someone should launch 🙂
there’s already angryasianman
and angrylittleasiangirl
David: i think he’d be a good candidate

Note: the cuttingtruth John Lee is not the same guy as the 2GCD John Lee —

David: that google group john lee is not the same guy
that’s a different guy
me: oh, really?
David: yeah
me: my bad
David: no, it’s a generic name
me: well, he didn’t do a bio either

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  1. john lee says:

    Actually, I guess I didn’t do much of a bio… but if you check my Xanga page, you’ll find enough about me. I’m not so much angry as I am bitter… j/k… I’m just silly. Plus, yes, my name IS generic. If you read my last Xanga, you’ll find there are 10,833 people in the U.S. alone named John Lee… haha

  2. djchuang says:

    John Eh Lee, thanks for your comment, we’ll learn more about who you are as we read your blog and your thoughts in the Google Groups discussion. I think there are many generic Korean John’s and Paul’s and Peter’s and Daniel’s.. but I’d think, if the desire is to be named after biblical names, why aren’t there as many generic names based on the other Gospel writers like Matthew, Mark, and Luke?