how a conference can change your life

With so many conferences in the world, I’m often asked which one to go to.

After attending a few conferences, some people begin to discover the value of these gatherings extend beyond the keynote talks and seminar lectures. What’s even more life-changing are the people you meet and the conversations you have.

At the Verge conference in Austin last week, I met Ryan Rice, who is now church planting in Phoenix. Ryan explained how life-changing the one-time-only Innovation3 Gathering was. Watch this video of Ryan Rice telling how that conference changed his life:

Next week, I’ll point you to 2 conferences especially configured so there’s intentional structured time for attendees to engage in more conversations and not only listening to talks.

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10 Responses

  1. Arthur Hsu says:

    Hey DJ,

    It was nice to have met you at Verge. We had a meal at Rudys together for lunch.

    This topic is interesting because one of the decisions I made after Verge was to stop attending conferences for a bit and time just to invest in people’s lives. I want to use the time and money spent for me to attend conferences to be used for people that God is calling me to love and live out the gospel for.


  2. DJ – Thanks for posting this. I was writing last week about how awesome that conferences like Verge & Radicalis were broadcasting live online. ( But our friend @kylereed stated that an online conference can not replace the interaction that happens in the hallways and between sessions.

    I look forward to reading your recommended conferences.

  3. djchuang says:

    @Arthur – good to meet you in Austin too! Good to hear of your decision and how you’ll invest intentionally with people near you and making a difference in their lives.