I?m connected via T-Mobile Hotspot at Starbucks right now, for the first time, using their comp day pass, so I?ll have to see about stopping by after work and/or on lunch break as well.. my sleep has been a little erratic the past 2 days, but my mood swings are not oscillating out of control, and I?m functioning and doing well.. meeting a church planter here who?s reaching young families(?) in Arlington.. a bit of a drive for me since I?m in Bethesda, but look forward to the conversation.. he spotted me a coupla weeks ago when I was doing lunch with my parents + family, and I was surprised he?d be all the way out here at Tyson?s when his church is down in Arlington (this was the Sunday after church lunch time)..

(the Hotspot metered pricing plan is an interesting gig, 10 cents a minute, with a 60-minute minimum.. meaning $6 connect up each time [$7.68 with my usual grande half-caf?], and then subscription goes for $29.99 and up.. that works out to a break-even, for the consumer, of 5 logins per month.. I don?t think I?ll clock in that many logins monthly, but we?ll see.. connectivity and speed is fantastic @ 1.4 mps, and login process very easy..)

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  1. T says:

    stinking starbucks….taking over the world…aigo >.<