hot list of multi-site church resources

I have a few occasional opportunities to meetup with church leaders who’ve already started running with a multi-site church strategy, that is, being one church in multiple locations. I could create more opportunities and maybe aspire to be like Jim Tomberlin, but for now, I’ll stick with social media coaching. To make those meetups more robust, I’d like to kick-start them by providing these conversational pieces for further discussion:

Want to meetup and talk multi-site? Let’s find a date/time. Not sure about a meeting in person but okay to talk by phone? Or, you could ease into a convo by adding a comment here.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I work for a Market Research Company in Westchester ,NY . We conduct Focus Groups in Westchester County and Conn. We are hopeing to get the Asian Community to partisipate, as welll as all other ethnic backgrounds. What I need to no is how to connect, can I get some schools or churches to call me. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.
    This project is on face lotion for women and they will be paid for their time.
    Thank you for your time, you can also call me 201-373-0290
    Barbara Drake