HopeMob.org launches to help people one at a time

Is this a great idea or what?! People coming together online and raising money to help one person (or a group of people) with a specific need and in a matter of hours or a few days, that’s take care of via the power of crowdsourcing over the internet! Called HopeMob, this could become the kickstarter of fundraising to meet a need. Simple. Plus, the incorporating of game mechanics (aka gamification) could make this quite an engaging online community. The founder Shaun King was interviewed by Soledad O’Brien this morning on CNN Starting Point.

Another thing that’s amazing is that Shaun lives right in my neighborhood. Not every day that something like this grows so close to where I live. Honored.

I logged-in earlier and gave my points to boost the story of the cause to raise $$ to give hope to 2,000 kids via Joy Jars. You may have heard of Joy Jars, the inspiration of Jessie Rees who wanted to get 50,000 fans on her Facebook page to raise awareness and bring joy to other kids who have cancer. That page now has over 147,000 fans. So join in and use your free starter points and let’s brighten the lives of a couple thousand kids with joy and hope!

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6 Responses

  1. Andy Freeman says:

    It’s amazing how Shaun King came up with this idea. It’s the most brilliant idea for online fundraising!