honest spirituality

had a nice relaxing holiday weekend, had both the parents and parents-in-law here for Thanksgiving.. and since we didn’t have a kitchen yet, we went out for a buffet at the local Hyatt.. my Dad raved that it was the best Western-style T’giving dinner he’s had, and we all enjoyed the food all around.. lots of great dessert items too, including cheesecake, carrot cake, pastries, and bread pudding.. getting to sleep in, enjoy good food, was quite refreshing; but the show must go on, and I’m back to the weekly routine now..

my greater motivation for life and ministry is seeing people grow in spirituality, particularly Christian spiritual formation.. it isn’t enough to have a person that is highly disciplined, or biblically literate, or productive or efficient or even effective, but that a person would be honest with his strengths and weaknesses, to have a healthy interdependence with others, and to build meaningful relationships with people, as an outflow of what Christ calls the essential commandments: to love God and to love others well.. I like how the apostle Paul put it, that he not only shared the gospel with the Thessalonians, but he shared his very life too.. that’s what I aim to do, share my life freely, genuinely, and fully with others

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