holy purple cow!

Leading edge (old term) book Purple Cow by Seth Godin, initially distributed only via a Fast Company article and his web site [hardcover version scheduled for May 2003], and I love his stories of innovation and creativity in the corporate world.. of course, I loved the package that the book came in; I?m seeing more and more of Moore?s idea diffusion curve around (I?d first seen it maybe 3 years ago, and identified myself with the innovators, which means I love ideas, but have the darndest time translating them into best practices).. the one idea I think I have launched is my web site, so for what that?s worth, there you go. I quote now from Page 123:

Here?s a great Google story I heard from Mark Hurst: It turns out that the folks at Google are obsessed with the email they get criticizing the service. They take it very seriously. One person writes in every once in a while, and he never signs his name. According to Marissa Meyer at Google, ?Every time he writes, the e-mail contains only a two-digit number. It took us a while to figure out what he was doing. Turns out he?s counting the number of words on the home page. When the number goes up, like up to 52, it gets him irritated, and he e-mails us the new word count. As crazy as it sounds, his e-mails are helpful, because it has put an interesting discipline on the UI team, so as not to introduce too many links. It?s like a scale that tells you that you?ve gained two pounds.?

Now, what if churches listened to their critics, and even the anonymous ones? (for those of you who don?t know church culture, many are over-sensitive to a ?critical spirit? or ?negativism? or ?pessmism?, when in fact, it?s a reality check and painfully honesty that are the most helpful. Of course, can?t listen to every criticism and respond to them and try to please everyone, because then you?d please no one.. but I do something would happen if people felt safe to speak up)

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