holiday slowdown

on my travels, I’m more often watching the biography channel (since I don’t have cable at home), and caught a piece about how wrestling became rassling.. one of those rassling historians observed that wrestling gained its popularity through 2 pivotal indivs: Andre’ the Giant, and Hulk Hogan.. and how the big event of rassling brought people together to a common experience, to share a common story, and that this cosmic battle between good and evil, while the plot was often the same from one event to another, it was acted out by different actors.. so, many people are on this quest, to see this ritual, this reenactment, and they’re not finding it in churches.. amazing that such insight would come from a wrestling documentary (of all things)..

out here in Cali for 2 weeks, and if my experience resonates with yours, there’s a lot of down time in between the big extended family and friends events.. which would be great times for occasional conversations, lots of blog entries (if I had immediate 24/7 internet access), but maybe not quite enough to schedule meetups in person.. txt msg me on the home page

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