holiday slow down

Returned from a brief excursion to the Big Apple, mainly for a company luncheon, and attached a small family vacation with it. Painstaking trip up, leaving metro DC at 12:30pm and arriving at 7:30pm, with an hour spent inching along at Lincoln Tunnel! I missed our division’s dinner at upscale O’Neals.

Colder than expected there. Stayed at a hotel in Upper West Side, and played for hours at FAO Schwarz. I didn’t get my New York style steak. Ate both dinners in room. Last night I dined via takeout from oBune was wonderfully courteous, serving me a cup of hot green tea while I waited. Great variety of tempura, tuna rolls, teriyaki beef, katsudon chicken rolls, and more came with the box special. Delish!

And now, I’m getting my share of Advent patience, with ol’ dial-up Internet access for about a week or more. I’m in process of converting from one DSL provider to another, for a savings of $20 per month. But the cancellation order placed on December 4th didn’t go through. So my new provider has cancelled their provisioning twice already. New service ready date is scheduled for December 23rd.

If Santa Claus comes through, I might have DSL for Christmas.

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