high-speed a few blocks away

Okay! Now we’re talking.. found high-speed internet for my own Laptop PC, via an ethernet cat-5 cable connection at Kinko’s, a few blocks away from the Hotel & Convention Center, at corner of Broadway and 3rd Ave., hours are 7am to 10pm. Beats waiting for the event’s internet cafe embargoed until 5pm today, and the anticipated lines..

(this is not WiFi, tho’ they might have that too – my WiFi card is picking up a signal with SSID=tmobile, but there’s bright pink flyers saying that T-Mobile HotSpot Internet is coming soon, and not yet at this particular branch; and since I don’t have a T-Mobile acct, I’ll stick to using this cabled cnx)

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey DJ — long time no see. I’m finally blogging again at my usual addy after some disastrous developments with my former hosting company that left me in limbo.

    Anyhow, how much did they charge you? Is it the same hourly rate as using their own computers? $12/hour is too much for me for any Internet access, other than in an emergency.

  2. Chris Marlow says:

    hey DJ . . . this is Chris from EC . . . i found Rockettown . . . the corner of 6th and Shirley. I’m sitting out in the parking lot with 3 bars! later