Help for family drama, and the in-laws too

As wonderful as the Christmas season could be, as portrayed by many heart-warming Christmas movies and the powerful celebration of the birth of baby Jesus to bring peace and joy to the world, for many it’s also the time for family dynamics that can stir up a wide range of emotions with family drama, strained relationships, and/or painful loneliness. (confession: yes, I have  my share of ’em too)

And the timing is just right to get a note from my friend Liz Swanson launching a new blog: In-Law Savvy – bookmark it at – where she actively share her own reflections and insights from the 1,000+ interviews with experts about healthy relationships for the context of growing with the quirkiness of people closest to us and unplanned things that life sometimes brings our way.


And the first blog posts show good signs of very interesting reading up ahead in the near year. Look at these salient sound bites of self-reflection:

“… that means I speak as I think instead of thinking before I speak. Being both a reactor and a verbal processor can be a lethal combination.” ~ from I need to vent

“… But my grandmother drove her nuts and apparently my mom was unaware of the fact that we all knew it.” ~ from A fresh perspective on in-laws and control

“… We were so determined to be at our own family celebrations that we actually put our lives in danger to make it work. We’ve learned a lot since then. I know the holidays can be stressful.” ~ from In-Law Stress During the Holidays with 7 Tips for Managing In-Law Stress During the Holiday

“… Looking for the cracks in others produces fertile ground for resentment to grow. Resentment is a private emotion that has little impact on the person it’s directed towards but a very destructive impact on the one who holds it.

For a whole different side of life, stop by Eric Swanson’s blog too (her husband), over at He’s notorious for food photos and drawing grids & quadrants.

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