hailing from Philadelphia this weekend..

hailing from Philadelphia this weekend.. every time I go to Pennsylvania, I make circles and detours to get to where I want to go; the roads are so confusing, distorted, and poorly labeled (or no signage at all), and perpetually under construction at the most crucial locations it seems.. but I’m feeling good that I can navigate Central City Philly now, having spent several hours navigating around there… and got to South Philly for the original Philly Cheesteak. Quite a treat 🙂

Recent conversation about calling: after some dialogue about it, I came to recognize that I have an untraditional view of calling, and believe that a person can do whatever vocation, even Christian ministry, without a specific special calling; but rather, if a person is gifted appropriately, has a motivated interest, and confirmed and affirmed by others, s/he can do the work of ministry.. my distinction about the importance of calling is this: that if God does call someone to do something specific, then that person had better do it.. but otherwise, the person has freedom to do freely.

Co-worker story: (one who shall remain nameless) used dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher, and we had gobs of suds all over the office kitchen floor!! Quite the site to behold.. didn’t have a digital camera to capture the moment to share with you, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

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