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[update 12/17] As this chart shows,chart tokbox spiked as a trend on twitter just 2 days ago, when Tony Steward and crew gathered 50+ people for a group video chat, and locked up browsers everywhere. Watch this one — it could well be the beginning of a viral movement, and not an anomaly. Would be sweet to see another video from Lauren*. + catching on I tell ya, there’s a tokbox multi-user video chat at now. [/update]
[update 12/17 5pm PT] Tokbox is temporarily down. Another sign of viral movement, eh?
Remember the Twitter whale? Sometimes a website being down means the website is getting more popular and the server can’t handle all the people who want in. Or, a website being down means hardware or software failure. [/update]

Yes, 60 people video chatting at once with !! on TwitPic I had signed up for a tokbox account months ago, but didn’t have people to try it out with. So my account signup sat buried in the inbox.

Now webcams are going more mainstream. I noticed (almost?) every laptop at the retail store (starting with the letter B) had a built-in webcam, even the tiny 8″ netbook. And then to hear 2 of my non-tech colleagues get webcams and using Skype for the first time in their lives. (!)

Now that webcams are mainstream (and having broadband internet becoming common helps the cause), I googled for a free web-based multi-user video chat web app. I don’t want to mess with software downloads and installation. I don’t think non-techies want to mess with software either. So, to find tokbox again was a treat. Too bad it locks up when all the CPU cycles are eaten up.

aside: yes, Tokbox handed out tacos outside of Yahoo last week to spread info about their job openings, and spread the good cheer

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7 Responses

  1. Kevin Rush says:

    It locked up on me too.

  2. djchuang says:

    I think Tokbox multi-user video conferencing can work pretty well for a small group or board meeting, say, up to 12 people. And participants have to learn how to not talk over each other, which is a little harder to manage than a phone conference call b/c of slight time lag.

  3. I have to agree with the comments on Church Crunch – I was in there earlier, tried to talk, tried to chat………..and it was like a bunch of guys standing around a high school dance staring at each other – no one talking, just staring.

    And I went there in response to your tweet……… what's the deal –


  4. riyazansari2008 says:

    i want chat this side coz i like this

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