Great weekend in Chicago, enjoyed

Great weekend in Chicago, enjoyed several good conversations about what is tentatively called Broad Band Ministries (beyond multiethnic/multicultural, to embrace the diversity of urban, hiphop, postmodern, and more), and met up with a pastor friend with whom we’ve dreamed of being church connoisseurs: our dream vacation would be to tour the country and experience different churches and their expressions of faith and celebration (if you know anyone who would sponsor us, we’ll make ourselves available). This is similar to those two guys who drove around the country to visit baseball parks and stadiums in one summer, except our thing is churches. I personally feel stifled to be only at one church with only one expression, tho’ I realize that many people can only worship in one particularly style (and some of those people think other styles are unbiblical, and thus we have many sadly vitriolic debates among Christians).

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