Gospel choir sings a Chris Tomlin song

I’ve heard Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” sung at mainstream evangelical (mostly Anglo) churches, Asian American churches, and even Chris Tomlin himself in concert. But this was the first time I’ve heard it sung by a Gospel choir (during my recent to New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore). WOW! Listen to this excerpt (mp3):


By the way, PARADE Magazine 3/25/07 mentions this song as 1 of the top 10 most popular songs:

Q. We hear all the time about rock and rap stars. But who’s the most popular artist in religious music? –Harry Brown, Stamford, Conn.

A. He’s Chris Tomlin, who won five Dove Awards last year and is up for nine more on April 25. Tomlin, 34, wrote or co-wrote three of the 10 most popular songs sung in churches each week, including “How Great Is Our God” –which puts his reach beyond that of most rock stars.

[update] Dr. Warren Bird wrote up his observations in Amazing Churches: New Psalmist Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD.

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