good time in NYC, mostly

good time in NYC, mostly mellow, mostly wet (rained most of the weekend).. enjoyed good (and cheap) Chinese food in Flushing, which had a Chinese style food court place, where space is at a premium, more hustle-bustle, more gourmet food, and almost everything cooked to order.. nothing under heat lamps, as you’d find at mall food courts. it wasn’t too bad a drive up that way either, and I think it helped to not go all the way up on the Jersey Turnpike. 😉

it’s been a packed week of events, and that’s a good pace for me, but not so much for some people around me.. not having to have all my plans go according to a prescribed order, timing, or manner, I can flex and adapt with the flow of how events might transpire.. and the insight for me is to not take comments personally when someone is venting in frustration for foiled plans or unmet expectations.. even though emotional remarks are made, and I’m near the said situation, it doesn’t mean that I’m being pegged with blame for how things didn’t go, nor held responsible for it.. let it roll off my back as the saying goes..

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