going soon

the day is drawing near for the first time I’ll be in Europe and Russia; our plane departs from Dulles Airport this Thursday afternoon, and two of my fellow teammates from my church will be going with me.. this is a first time for all of us, to do this thing called a short term mission trip.. our church commissioned us this past Sunday, and it was a formal time of prayer, and a lot of people were in attendance.. we will be going to teach computer software and meet people from a different culture, and hope to have some good personal interaction, and possibly to share about our hope in Christ.. my pressing thoughts are not so much the ‘excitement’ of it all, for me, it’s a new adventure, but that’s not what I ‘thrive on’ or get ‘excited about’ per se, but it is a great opportunity, and I go with a learning and serving attitude.. and pray that God will be with us, and work in and through us.. i’ve already processed it in the “worst case scenario” sense of the matter, and my web sites will be a testament to my God and my heart for people (thus fulfilling the Great Commandment).. the missionary spirit that I’ve been thinking on is being friendly and being flexbile.. it’s about working with people who think and live differently, yet with empathy, understanding, friendship, and teamwork

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