God’s will after college

Question >> Pastor DJ, I’m praying about relocating now that I’m finished with college. I am overwhelmed by possibilities, but only want to choose God’s plan. Washington perks my interest. Can you tell me a little bit about you, your community, ministry, etc?

djchuang >> It’s wonderful that you want God’s plan for your life! I know how overwhelming it is by the choices and possibilities of jobs and life. For some people, it’d solve the dilemma if God would make the choice for them. But alas, God doesn’t make the choices or decisions for people; God does
give guidance and freedom.

Washington is a place that is gaining popularity among the young urban crowd. It does have its politically charged environs, and those who are here tend to be more busy with their work and career accomplishments. It is also a transient location, lots of people come and go. That doesn’t mean you have to be. A great web site to get a flavor of what DC life is like is www.washingtonpost.com

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