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I skipped dinner tonight to hang out and dialogue a bit with some of the organizers of this GodBlogCon deal (the likes of John Mark Reynolds, Joe Carter, Andy Jackson). The genuineness and generosity of the organizers to put such an event together was refreshing, and may be difficult to convey over the blogosphere. They’re operating on a deficit for a budget, and still have the heart and zeal and desire to make the event the most it can be, to provide a space and place for all kinds of Christian bloggers, those who adhere to Nicene Creed, to dialogue about faith and blogging. So we’re all wishing and pining for more diversity.

Everyone attending pays their own way, even the speakers. So here I am, a breakout session facilitator (designated as a speaker on my badge), paid my own way, as did others. So the organizers and planners on short note put out the welcome mat, and those who could respond, could respond.

One of the sad realities of our human nature, is that for many people, perception is reality. So there is a wide range of critique and perception about this event. For certain media elite, all religion is politics, so any kind of an organized event is tagged with a political motive, erroneously. The tenor of the majority of the dialogue has indeed been to wrestling with questions revolving around the place of Christian faith and blogosphere.

There was an open dialogue about whether this event should become more of an interfaith blogging event, a la Beliefnet. The group felt the niche and value of this event is to stay within historical Christianity, and rightly so. An interfaith kinda thing would be too different a deal, and there’s a place for that, and maybe Beliefnet could and should pull that off.

The question on the table is: who else should have been a part of this event? And assuming there is no budget, who’d be able to find or save their own money to come? Here’s some people I’d like to have seen, with that broad Christian umbrella in mind, and a voice or name that could be a “draw”:

A. K. M. Adam – AKMA’s Random Thoughts
Jay “Methocast” Voorhees
Michael “InternetMonk” Spencer
Rudy “UrbanOnramps” Carrasco
Dean “Blogs4God” Peters
Catholic Insider
Gordon “RealLivePreacher” Atkinson
Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse
Mark “plaxoed” Jen
Renee “ianua” Altson
Michael “From Where I Sit” Hyatt (he could most afford this! 😉 )
Tim “e-Church” Bednar
Anna “Sexless in the City” Broadway
Anthony Bradley
Marriages Restored
Alex McManus
Postmodern Negro
Andrew “e-vangelism” Careaga
Mike Boyink

Off the top of the head; the evening plenary session is starting up. Should be able to think of some others when I have more time, and can surf around. Man, I love live blogging!!

[update: hot find that the hard-working human aggregator hasn’t linked to: Behind the Scenes at GodBlogCon]

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  1. Chris Monroe says:

    So glad you’re there, in the thick of things, and providing an insider’s look. Thank you!

    Will the even likely be repeated next year? sooner? Same location?

  2. Mean Dean says:

    Add to this list
    Mike Boyink
    Tim Bednar

    Actually, I had planned on attending but was told ‘no thanks’ last year when they were seeking someone to speak on church blogging.

  3. rudy says:

    wish i could come – i’ve got church and family – if i can drag the kids, I may try to sneak over, but…

    keep live blogging it nevertheless brotherman

  4. Great meeting up with you at GBC this week. Let’s stay in touch.


  5. Jay V says:

    Well if I had known about it, I might have come (although October is a lousy month for most pastors!!!). I may be coming to D.C. to do a workshop for Methodist pastors on podcasting, and I have an article coming out in Congregations (the Albin Institute journal) that looks at how self publishing is effecting the church. Sorry I didn’t keep up on this event (for some reason your feed disappeared from my bloglines account), and I hope you had a great time.

    By the way, I need to talk to you and your lovely bride about participating in an Emergent event in May in Chicago.


  6. Mean Dean says:

    Let’s do it in/near D.C. next year – and let’s hope whomever is organizing invites some of the God-bloggers in the trenches.

    Two more for the list.

    Deane Barker – Gadgetopia
    Kevin Pierpont – KevinPierpont.com

  7. Boyink says:

    Well, gee, uh…it’s an honor just to be nominated…;)

    I’d love to attend, love to speak, but time and distance is definitely a factor – it’s what kept me away from this one.

    DC is ~11 hours, *possibly* do-able if I were able to line up 2-3 people to share the driving and gas expense.

  8. Tim Bednar says:

    Nice to be missed, I’m interested hearing more…