GodBlogCon 2005 in the works

[a lost entry reconstructed]

GodBlogCon 2005, the Christian Blogosphere Convention, is fixin’ to happen around the October 2005 timeframe in Mesa, Arizona. GodBlogCon 2005 latest updates will be at SmartChristian.com and intercessory prayers are being collected & offered at the GodBlogCon Prayer Blog. Keynote speakers are being booked as we speak.

After being graciously profiled by SmartChristian,
I was appointed (or inadvertently drafted, depending on your
perspective) as the Live Blogger for GodBlogCon. If I can get there,
I’d be happy to do it, and sport my “I’m blogging this” T-shirt. Hugh
Hewitt’s book, Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World, has been designated as a reading prerequisite.

And, wondering out loud, will they make room for the emerging church blogosphere with the likes of PlanetEmergent.org and A-listers like JordonCooper.com, TallSkinnyKiwi, JenLemen.com, Willzhead, UrbanOnramps, Emergesque, et al? And who can forget Tim Bedner of e-church.com, the blogger interviewed in Christianity Today / Leadership Journal for predicting the next revival to come via the Web?

[update: SmartChristian.com has since added a number of tracks, including one for the emerging church, as well as a broad range of Christians like Catholics and Orthodox]

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