glad this week’s over..

glad this week’s over.. a bit tumultous, change of travel plans, and rethinking whether to go hang out tomorrow in Annapolis or not.. at the moment, i’d like to stay around home, b/c i’m in the car everyday for a commute, and out of town on the weekends in a plane or car (or train?).. this isn’t a jet-setting lifestyle, more of a mobile lifestyle. I tend to pass the time with listening to tapes or audio MP3s, information flow is a big thing for me.. of course, I’d prefer engaging dialogue, tho’ that is difficult to find.. was sharing with a friend I ran into at Reagan National Airport on the way out of town this past Sunday, and I made my case to him that intelligent dialogue is hard to find, and unfortunately so much so with Christians.. in theory, that shouldn’t be, b/c Christians have the inside track and are connected with the Creator God, who is the most intelligent person, which means they potentially use their intelligence well by engaging in dialogue and leading edge thinking… potentially….

found a fascinating web site today @, billed as the #1 Christian porn site. Inviting. Innovative.

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