getting in the way of war

Christian Peacemaker Teams ran interference during the war in Iraq, and there?s several interviews with some team members, after they were expelled by the Iraqi.. Mennonite Pastor, Weldon Nisly [BBC interview audio from The World], Scott Kerr (MSNBC/Newsweek), Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way journaled about his time there..

I don?t agree with their unabashed slogan of ?getting in the way? and find the mentality of anti-war protesters perplexing; it?s fine to protest in and of itself, as an expression of free speech in a free society, and I do think peace is a far better thing than war.. yet I?ve not come across a clear explanation of (1) how anti-war protests and getting in the way helps the livelihood of the Iraqi people, (2) how protests getting in the way of civilian life by tying up traffic and/or destroying properties (in some cases) helps anything, (3) how protesters propose to deal with the world?s problems ? wouldn?t it be far more helpful for zealous protestors (who do have lots of passion and energy) to focus that towards international diplomacy and relations, get into the ranks of ambassadors and diplomats and facilitating dialogue, to actually get to the tables and work with the clashing diversity of peoples, cultures, governments, economics, and realize that many people in the world don?t believe in a ?live and let live? philosophy of life..

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