getting high

this is a good week for me, a number of things humming along, getting to hang out with what they call high capacity people.. which is just a fancy word for energetic & active achievers, or passionate and intentional.. whatever it’s called, you know when you’re around people who bring out the best in you without running over you, and willing to connect & relate with an average joe like me (that’s how I see myself).. it’s gotten me up at 2am for a third day now, and the ideas are just bursting around in my head, and it feels good.. so much better than the nightmares that was waking me up 2 yrs ago..

I feel like what does it for me is that I want + need to be liked by capable people (the word “like” works well for me, much better than “respected – too formal and distant, or “loved” – expects too much of others, and people don’t know how to love me the way I want to be loved anyways), and then I can contribute all of my latent + untapped potential, and that makes work a whole lot more palatable.. I don’t like to be out front and in the spotlight, and probably don’t have the charisma and polish to be that magnetic personality that lights up the room, but I think I’m a good connector (cf. Tipping Point), and that’s a great role for me to enjoy and contribute..

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