Get Your Church or Nonprofit Free Money via Tax Credit

The lesser-known Employee Retention Credit, a government-sponsored stimulus program, is designed to help nonprofits and businesses that retained their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021. This stimulus program was established by the CARES Act. It is a refundable tax credit that’s yours to claim. The program is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to employees.

If your church, nonprofit, or company has more than 5 employees (W2 employees, not 1099 contractors), you can work with Bottom Line Concepts, a 3rd-party advisor that makes it easier to walk through the refund process with the IRS. They are a one-stop-shop from start to finish. This advisor has done this process for over 30,000 customers and recovered over $4 billion in refunds.

Here are some important points to consider for your church, nonprofit or business:

  • If nonprofits and companies received PPP, they still qualify for ERC.
  • ERC refunds on average $10,000 per employee, for those that received PPP, but can be as high as $26,000 per employee!
  • Nonprofits and companies don’t have to prove loss of revenue; operational impacts qualify as well.
  • Bottom Line is assisting nonprofits and companies recover taxes and wages they have already paid on their W2 employees.

The potential return is HUGE and worth a short 15-minute call to confirm if you qualify. Schedule a call with Bottom Line Concepts for their ERC program—there’s no up-front costs and no risk to check them out.

Background on the US government’s ERC program

Extra Links for Due Diligence about ERC

If your church didn’t experience a significant decline in gross receipts during 2020 or 2021, you could still qualify for the ERC. Many churches have qualified not because of a loss of revenue but because they qualified due to government mandates that partially or fully restrict their operation.

Clergy Financial Resources posted this informative flowchart at “New Law Extends COVID Tax Credit for Churches“—

flowchart for ERC qualification

[Disclosure: DJ Chuang would receive a referral fee only if your church, nonprofit, or company receives an ERC tax credit through Bottom Line Concept’s advisory program.]

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