Get your BoldGrid Connect Key at

BoldGrid is a powerful new WordPress-powered web builder (aka theme framework system) that is being made available through web hosting accounts with InMotion Hosting, which happens to be where is hosted.

I was eager to try it out, but wound up going down the wrong path when I went to the support page titled “How to Manually Install BoldGrid” that has a Github download link for the plugin. Even though I was indeed able to download the BoldGrid plugin and installed it successfully, I was not able to find the required BoldGrid Connect Key.

So I had to contact tech support. After several rounds of back-and-forth emails, here’s the answer for where to find the BoldGrid Connect Key for your account:

In your Account Management Panel (AMP), click on “Install Popular Software”, and then click on “Install BoldGrid powered by WordPress”. You will then click on the “Proceed to Download BoldGrid Plugin” link under “I already have a WordPress site”. Your BoldGrid connect key will be listed there.

This is what it looks like visually. After your AMP login, scroll down to the 2nd section and click on “Install Popular Software”—


Then click on “Install BoldGrid powered by WordPress”—


Then click on the link under “I already have a WordPress site”—


Then on the “Download BoldGrid Plugin” screen, there is the BoldGrid Connect Key:


There you have it, how to find your BoldGrid Connect Key on InMotion Hosting.

Just so you know, BoldGrid is great for building a new website powered by WordPress, not for an existing site. When I tried to switch over the theme here at, it created quite a mess because I already have customized content arranged in many special ways that switching to any other theme would take more effort than just clicking over to activate any other theme.

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