Get up you bum

still in the post-Isabel blackout, along with the other 150K or so that are without in Montgomery County, Maryland.. able to login here at work in Chantilly, Virginia (yes, it’s a killer commute every day), and do my blog thing..

thought on the drive time, is Life’s demand on me, often asking me for more.. that I have to take the initiative, that I have to make the decision, that I have to make things happen, that I have to control my emotions, that I have to focus, that I have to be intentional, that I have to plan, that people look to me.. it’s not a role that I want, partly b/c I have a thing against taking power for fear of being dictatorial or overbearing or corrupted.. and not sure why it gets thrown on me, just b/c I’m male or oldest son or educated or what.. while I can do it, and have the capacity to so-called “lead” (as the list above are some of the leadership descriptors), I certainly don’t like it. And so what? The moment needs it, and I hear the echo to Rocky to just “get up”.

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