Get to the Christian Web Conference 2011

Only 1 week away. April 14-16, 2011 at Biola University is the 2nd year of the Christian Web Conference. The Christian Web Conference is “designed to equip individuals with the vision, knowledge, and relationships that are necessary in order to be thoughtful practitioners and consumers of developing web technologies.”

As a consummate conference connoisseur (read: junkie), I go to conference mostly for the people. Content and information is fairly easy to get in an information age. Connection and conversations is exclusive to being there in person. Here’s the official roster of great people to connect with at #tweetcwc11: Tony Morgan, Brandon Donaldson, Charles Lee, Drew Goodmanson, John Dyer, John Mark Reynolds, Scott McClellan, Matt Anderson, Gerald Fisher, Dave Bourgeois, Matt Perman, John Schmidt, Cynthia Ware. Plus, these presenters at the *free* Imagination Summit on 4/15: Phil Cooke, Lillie Turner, Jeff Monday (Apple), Paul Kim (Chief Technology Officer @ Stanford), Dan Cathy (CEO @ Chick-fil-A).

The pricing for registration is quite accessible. Bring a Friend, Get Half Off means you’d get 50% off the 1st ticket price if you purchase 2 or more tickets. If my math is right, that’s $148.50 for 2, or $74.25 per person. And, students pay just $15.

Hope to connect with you there! (I’ll be there, thanks to the CWC organizers.)

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