Get Internet Service for a New Home Address

Several websites work like a search engine for broadband internet service providers at your home address. One shouldn’t have to go to every single website provider to check for availability. Here are some free services that make it a little easier; if indeed, around 35 million Americans move each year and the average American moves once every 5 years.

Comparison of Residential Internet Providers

To do any comparison, you have to find out which companies service your location. And then, unfortunately, most require a phone call, when it’d be nicer to order online and not have to call to talk with an agent that tries to upsell extra services or can’t spell your name right. The first search engines listed below will check availability of high speed internet providers by address.

Check availability by zip code only

A Couple of Other Helpful Links

Good tips from NerdWallet: How to Choose the Best Internet Service and How to Find the Best Internet Providers in Your Area

See the discussion boards at for real stories from real people and their internet experiences.

A Personal OpEd, IMHO Aside

You’d think with as many technical advances that we’ve been privileged to have, that someone would make it easier to find an internet provider and get high speed internet at home in just a few clicks. But, no, it takes several phone calls and sometimes hours of searching.

The analogy for what we should have, are like those travel websites like,, or, allow us to compare fares from different airlines and book flights in one place instead of going to every single airline to check fares and comparing tediously.