Get a Free Phone Number and Voicemail Inbox

Searching for how to get a free second phone number and voicemail inbox? They’re very handy in so many ways, some are even disposable. Some services use apps, some require a real phone number verification, some require only an email.

The list below are providing phone numbers and voicemails in the United States and some in Canada, perhaps other countries, I didn’t check. Shoot me a link and add to this list.

Free Phone Number Services

Second phone number with a free trial

Disposable Phone Numbers

Other articles and reviews about voicemail apps etc.

Note of Caution using Free or Paid Digital Services

There is a ton of fine print in the terms of use or terms of service or privacy policy with these (and other) digital services. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid. Be aware that anything that you say or type may be susceptible to misuse, surveillance, undisclosed usage, abuse, or whatever.

When you have a need to say or share something confidentially and privately, don’t leave a trail—neither digital or print—and say it in person. And even then, watch out for hidden bugs and surveillance devices. You don’t have to be paranoid, but you do need to be aware.

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