Generous like a Wofford

Our family watched the season premiere of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and boy was it a tear-jerker! The Woffords and their community were an amazing testimony of generosity, love, and spirituality, and the designer team alluded to their tremendous stories. Even tho’ the Dad worked like crazy to make ends meet, and being recently widowed with 8 kids(!), he still exuded a sense of joy and peace, as did the whole family. Their home church, North Coach Calvary Chapel, got a few minutes of spotlight, along with their surrounding community.

Bloggers had scooped the story back in June-July, when the rebuild actually happened: Extremely touching, Local Makeover, homemade video of the reveal, phooning at the site

And to think, they used to live in the amount of space that we now live in, yet we only have 3 people. And, when the Woffords heard of a basketball team needing a place to stay, they still offered their tiny home to 3 basketball players to have a place to stay! Overflowing overstuffed generosity or what?

When the Frontier boys basketball team traveled to a tournament in San Diego last December, the Falcon players stayed in the houses of area residents. Coach Gary Domzalski was impressed by a widower named Brian Wofford, who, despite having nine children in a three-bedroom ranch, welcomed three players into his home at the last minute. Domzalski wasn’t the only one impressed by Wofford’s generosity. His neighbors in Encinitas, Calif., nominated him for ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, and he received a refurbished new home during a program that airs Sunday night.

Plus, these side notes: Home makeover not as free as it seems, North County Family Receives Reality-Show Home Makeover, ‘Extreme Makeover’ Features Encinitas Family, Community Welcomes Home Wofford Family, Encinitas family goes from bunk beds to breathing room .

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  1. Extreme Emotion
    The two-hour season premiere of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night was one of the most heart-wrenching, emotional reality TV experiences ever. The most powerful aspect of the Wofford family?s story was the strength of the faith community that …