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I’m planning to be at the Q boutique event in Atlanta, April 25-27. You can call it a conference, but it’s more of a gathering, more about who’s going to be there plus the opportunity for relationship building than the content they’d dispense.

Here’s how I’d describe Q: the event revolves around 22 big ideas from Christian leaders seeking to (or already are) impacting mainstream culture nationally and internationally. Each will have less than 20 minutes to speak their peace — what they’re anticipating for the future, not what they’ve already published. Listen to Gabe Lyons talk about Q and Fermi Project here:


Early registration ends this Wednesday 2/28: $625 per person. (Then it goes up to $725 on March 1st.) Yes, it’s steep, but this kind of pricing is common in the business industry, and when we’re talking Kingdom business, the price will be self-selecting of who would go and who wouldn’t. has the list of speakers as does Tim Schrader with links to the speaker’s organizations/ initiatives. Names I recognize are: Rob Bell, Chris Seay, Clint Kemp, Andy Crouch, Andy Stanley, Mike Foster. Josh “ThewayIthink” Scott describes Q being the brain-child of Gabe Lyons (and I sense it’s got a lot of input from Andy Crouch and others too):

… Gabe Lyons [of Relevate and Catalyst] as an effort to re-brand Christianity on a national and international level. It’s a joint effort by leading voices in the church to create seismic change in how the church views its role in shaping mainstream culture.

The idea is shape culture, not to take over government and social policies. The kind of questions that would be the kind that Q would talk about are:

  • What are the major social and environmental issues coming over the next 10 years and how can the church take a leading role?
  • What are our responsibilities to confront injustice to humanity locally and internationally?
  • How does globalization affect the culture and the local church?
  • What role does news and media play in shaping the future generation’s views of life, humanity and religion?
  • How can we change the negative perceptions of Christianity in our culture?

The perceptions that most non-Christians have about Christianity and its adherents are overwhelmingly negative. Q presenter David Kinnaman will share insights from his new book, unCHRISTIAN: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity – and Why it Matters, releasing October 2007. I think it’s this book that has survey results 16-29 year old non-Christians about their reaction to 3 words: Christian, Born Again, and Evangelical. The list of the top 12 reactions broke down this way: 9 negative, 2 neutral, 1 positive. Does it matter what non-Christians think of Christians? Yes, according to Jesus: “… let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

(Some) Bloggers are among the influentials, but so far there’s only 12 mentions in the blogosphere about Q, per Google Blog Search (at the time of this writing.) Hmmm…

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  1. rudy says:

    i await your live-blogging of the event… but i’d much prefer live-blogging of your conversations in the hallways and in cigar-smoke filled back rooms…

  2. djchuang says:

    I’ll see what I can do about live-blogging, will bring my gear, but if I get too caught up in those hallway conversations, I may have to post-blog it.