full moon insanity

even tho’ it’s not really a full moon, is it? … after getting up for a pit stop (and after dislodging food particles from my post-root-canal upper molar gap), feeling much better, and wrapped a birthday gift for my lover, with a smattering of adrenaline anticipating EC Nashville.. WHAT WAS I THINKING (apparently I wasn’t, is the point).. I plead temporary insanity as I got myself registered via TypeKey (finally worked after 3rd try).. to download MT3, full version at that, unZIP’d, started uploading it via FTP right onto my live server, with no backup(!), and then noticed there wasn’t a mt-upgrade30.cgi script, returned to the download site, clicked Back (it worked, for a change), downloaded the Upgrade Version(!).. put that onto the live server, still no backup, and then tried to run the upgrade script, something about an ObjectDatabase error, track down that I overwrote my password file, fix that.. then tried to login, and couldn’t.. went to the support forum.. found mt-medic.cgi (excellent utility, btw), and see that I have no authors and no blogs.. panic intensifies.. login to mySQL admin, and databases are still there, data intact.. MT is just not talking to it.. start rolling back my code, to a 2.64 version that happens to be sitting on my HD.. still can’t login.. can’t reset password.. panic still running full speed.. manually have to replace files in each subdirectory, b/c WS-FTP wasn’t traversing down the dir tree for some reason.. eventually get all the files in place.. I’m now retro-fit to 2.64, when I had been running 2.65, probably with still mismatched CGIs or PMs floating in my cgi-bin… aarggh, will need to move out of MT, the installations are a nightmare.. time to bed, so I might wake up and find myself in Nashville..

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  1. Elijah says:

    hehe, go back to blogger. It’s simple, and now has comments along with other tools, but I’m not too thrilled about how their comments work.

  2. re: DJ listed the bloggers who were at EC04