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4 Responses

  1. yinka ogunkoya says:

    its a good job youre doing tyhe lord bless u

  2. Pst. Peter C. Nwoche says:

    Men might not see but God who sees in secret will always reward your good work. keep doing it.

  3. Busola Lapite says:

    The Lord that has put this in your heart to bless others with His words will also bless you beyond expectations. And if you think He(God) has started doing that, wait till you see what He coming up with next and next after that. May HIs(God) spirit and grace never depart from you in Jesus Name (Amen).

  4. Randy Sakpere says:

    I will be happy if you can include me in your mailing list so that I can be deeply acquainted and enriched with the Bible.

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