free webinar on top 10 church innovations

Churches and ministries are constantly having to make adjustments in the midst of a changing society to better serve the people in its surrounding community. It’s good to surface for air once in a while amidst the consumingness of ministry life, and compare notes with what other churches are doing. This Thursday is a free webinar for just that.

Innovation in ministry is any new change of practice that improves performance. It’s often developed within constraints, such as lack of money, personnel or other resources. Innovation — closely linked to creativity, ingenuity, and new ways of thinking — helps churches break through their “walls.” Innovation, when used wisely, helps you focus on and align better with your church’s God-given mission.

Join Leadership Network’s research director, Warren Bird, Ph.D., as he presents findings about innovation from a recent national study of America’s largest churches. This is the first public presentation of these discoveries, which are both stimulating and practical. You’ll gain new perspective on how to solve certain problems that your own church is facing.

The webinar, Top 10 Discoveries about Innovation: A Countdown of the Climates that Welcome Innovation, Based on a Study of the Largest U.S. Churches, is this Thursday, December 11th at 1:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Central / 4:00pm Eastern.


You know where I’ll be this Thursday; you can be there too!

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