free webinar in 3 hours with Starfish and Spider author

Ran into Spencer Burke today at lunch, while meeting up with my Leadership Network colleague at Togo’s Sandwich Shop in Laguna Hills. Amazing to hear of his latest ideas, and the energy he still exudes.

He’s got a free webcast on tonight, so tune in on your PC or Mac, and hear from the author of The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations – incredible insights about how organizations can reproduce organically!

Soularize webcast with “Starfish and the Spider” author – this Thursday Oct 18, 6:00pm Pacific Time — yes, that’s TONIGHT!

Join in for a free Soularize FeedLive webcast preview this Thursday at 9pm Eastern (6 Pacific) with Spencer Burke and Ori Brafman, courtesy of and Shapevine. Come experience firsthand the content and technology of this year’s learning party!

Ori Brafman is a peace and economic development consultant and activist. He is co-author of indie business cult favorite The Starfish and the Spider, about leaderless groups and what makes them so powerful.

Spencer Burke is a “pastor alumnus,” author, speaker and founder of In Thursday’s interview Spencer will talk to Ori about the Church that primarily running as a Spider organization in a Starfish world; together, we’ll investigate Starfish front-runners and Hybrids—can organic and institutional models can live in harmony?

You can ask Ori and Spencer question, take live polls, and more. We’ll pull your questions from the chat window and answer them live via streaming video. There’s no software to download—Mac AND PC compatible; use any web browser with high-speed internet access.

WHEN: This Thursday, October 18—at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern

WHERE: Just click the “Preview” button and you’re in…

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