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It’s been a long time coming, and it’s now around the corner. A $0 conference for Christian leaders to gather! For years the rest of the world has had unconferences that have shared valuable content and facilitated engaging conversations for $0 registration, but it was very hard to find a free Christian conference for church leaders. (Granted there’s a certain value to the traditional conference format with productions on the main stage and breakouts / seminars / workshops, and some even are profitable ventures, there are also other innovative ways in the Web 2.0 world.)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m so grateful that Charles Lee is coordinating an unconference called The Idea Camp on February 27-28, 2009 in Irvine, California. SAVE THE DATES! Here’s what The Idea Camp is about:

The Idea Camp is a free hybrid conference for idea-makers to share, network, and implement ideas. We are gathering some of the most innovative and creative leaders from around the country (this means YOU!) to share ideas, intentionally network, and move collaboratively into idea-making. Whether your passion is church leadership, non-profit work, social entrepreneurialism, technology, media, creativity, culture making, church planting, spiritual formation, compassionate justice, etc., this is the conference for YOU!

The Facebook Group for Idea Camp is and using a powered social networking engine, conference information is dynamically and collaboratively updated. See the list of people who will be presenting and/or facilitating conversations at The Idea Camp; it already includes: Brad Abare, Greg Atkinson, Eric Bryant, Mike Foster, Dave Gibbons, Jeff Shinabarger, Cynthia Ware, Robert Yang of, me, and more! More will be added between now and then, and you could be part of it too!

New to the idea of unconferences? It’s where no one pays to get in, no one gets paid, the playing field is level, and everyone has skin in the game. Read more about it cf. what is an unconference, understanding the unconference.

Call out others you’d love to see there. I’m calling out Dan Kimball, Erwin McManus, James Choung, Ed Stetzer, Dallas Willard, John Bishop, Donald Miller. Come on down!

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11 Responses

  1. @marcpayan says:

    I'm planning to be there!

  2. thanks for passing this along DJ.

    will plan on being there

  3. Andy Rowell says:

    See Andrew Jones's post about conferences and the need for free ones:

  4. djchuang says:

    @Andy – thanks for the link to Andrew's post!! He's certainly a pioneer across the pond, and even graces us with his presence in the US of A once in a while. What are odds of you showing up at ?

  5. Dan says:

    Hello! Thank you for the “call out” — if I was an LA neighbor I would surely be there. I am teaching a class up in Portland and at a university the few days right before that, so I must stay in my home town those next days.

    But I am ready for “The Idea Camp” northern-California-version. When that happens, I shall be there for sure. In fact, why doesn't it happen sometime? You have all the conferences down there and us Bay Area folks would be willing to host something up here.

  6. charlestlee says:

    Let us know when Dan…:) Love to take the Idea Camp up north. I'm sure we will have more of an idea of what it will take once we do the first one down here.

    Thanks also for responding to DJ's “call out”. Love your work…we briefly met at a Soliton Session hosted by Greg Russinger (I co-founded JustOne with him.)

  7. Dan says:

    Hey Charles,

    I am serious if you are about holding one up here in the Bay Area. So let's chat as you see how it goes there.

    Okey dokey.


  8. charlestlee says:

    Love to Dan…will be in touch after this first one.

    Appreciate you.

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