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Church TechCamp is set for next Friday, September 26th, at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. It’s an unconference for followers of Christ to talk about web technologies and the church; it’s an all-day participant-driven gathering. There’s a a website at, a FaceBook event page, an editable agenda wiki, blog, and online registration. Very eco-friendly.

I think with short notice on this 1st go around, it’s sorta like an alpha launch and most participants will be local to Los Angeles / Orange County / Southern California. It’ll be great to hang out with old and new web friends. (I like that term more than virtual friends or people I’ve met online but never met in person.) I’ll be there. Hope you will too — someone will probably bring a webcam to live stream video for some (or all?) all of the gathering.

Unconferences are like those other conferences with presenters and attendees, but $0 registration, i.e. free, and a more dynamic unstructured environment where you can have more conversations with presenters and attendees, less bells & whistles production, and everyone can give a little (or a lot). The content is comparatively less polished & less recycled, but it may well be more valuable because of the collective wisdom of the crowds. An unconference is what the participants make of it; contrast that with a paid conference that’s what the producers make of it. I like it, like it a lot.

Aside: Unbeknownst to my mind, my body and emotions get more worn out during travels than I’d imagine or anticipate. So that cuts back on my blogging and my keeping up with emails. Posting photos is easier — you can see my photos from the past week at .

Aside #2: for Information Technology (IT) professionals in churches, check out and their Fall 2008 conference at Seacoast. The high-end tech talk is over there.

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