forming a Leadership Community for multi-site churches

The multi-site church revolution continues to flourish all over the country, and parts around the world too. I’m now involved in this too, as I’m working with a great team at Leadership Network to form a new Leadership Community for multi-site churches. I follow the pioneering efforts of Greg Ligon, 1 of 3 co-authors of The Multi-Site Church Revolution : Being One Church in Many Locations, along with Warren Bird and Geoff Surratt. Yes, very big shoes to fill, and Greg has been a great empowering coach. It hasn’t felt a bit anxious at all. So far. The butterflies must be scheming to swarm in later.

This Leadership Community will connect multi-site churches with at least four (4) campus locations to increase their ministry effectiveness by reaching more people at more locations. Leadership Network’s leadership communities are dynamic, peer-to-peer learning experiences that enhance the innovation process. Take a look at this 2-minute overview video about the Leadership Community process.

Know of a church that should be part of this group? Please email me at [email protected] or call Julia Burk at 214-754-9718.

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