forced slow down south

The title is a Wheel of Fortune’s ‘before & after’ phrase. Hung out with Dave Travis today. (Dave wrote a great book with Bill Easum titled Beyond the Box: Innovative Churches That Work. There’s your plug, Dave.) Great conversations about what’s happening in churches around the country; it’s a little hobby of mine to talk about churches like trading cards.

If I could only find a way to monetize my knowledge of church trivia. Dined southern style at Blue Willow Inn, got my fix of greens, mac & cheese, sweet tea, decadent dessert. Worked in a few URLs into the conversations: Rudy, Oliver, Didn’t get to work in for the hat trick. Almost made a new convert to WordPress, almost.

Traffic is horrendous here in Atlanta; was en route to 722 tonight, but traffic was at a standstill with 10 miles to go. I didn’t sign up for that! So, no worship experience with the younger crowd for me; I’d rather be blogging. Quick U-ie on 400 back onto I-285, and then traffic congealed to a stop at the I-85 interchange. This is on a weeknight at 7:30pm?!

Slowed down at the motel too; dial-up was only connecting at 24kbps. So I’m connecting up at a Starbucks about 10 miles east of there.

And slowed down by the so-called city life here in the South. While I’m an advocate that the regional differences across America are minimal compared to the greater amount of similarities, I did feel the difference here in the past 24 hours. (My case in point about overwhelming similiarities is how we see the same cookie-cutter franchises all over the American landscape.) People do more chit chat around here, tho’ the drawl is shortening, compared to the last time I went thru; yet the cars speed along on the interstate at 70 or 80 mph, in the spots where traffic was flowing. Bracing myself for a long travel day back to metro DC tomorrow.

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