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unlike the classic typecast introvert, I process out loud and in the open, thus this journal; but having some introvert tendencies, I find it difficult to engage with small talk, and prefer much more to have personal intense deep + raw conversations.. I don’t force people or demand people to do that, but I know that’s what I enjoy, and what I come alive for.. it’s a vital part of who I am, and not many people are willing to go there with me, and perhaps, many people don’t go there themselves.. one of those rich conversations happened along recently, and I was reminded that people don’t change.. that became all the more apparent in catchin’ up with some people we know from the past at a friend’s wedding, and also recalled a comment from my Dallas pastor, who had been ministering for some 15 years, now 20-some, and commented to me once that people don’t change, as he observed + experienced in his years of ministry.. and that to me was (and is) disappointing, b/c for me to do ministry, and to do life, is all about life change.. Or, better, as my friend in the rich dialogue adjusted it, people change very little.. and in certain context, particularly a conservative church, the atmosphere is mostly static, and there’s not as much receptivity to freshness and newness, resulting stagnation, which is not conducive to change or growth..

over the weekend, received 2 copies (via pre-order) of Brian McLaren‘s new book, The Story We Find Ourselves In: Further Adventures of a New Kind of Christian, and started into its 30-some mini-chapters, whilst a friend ripped through it Sunday night, and wants to talk about it already(!).. she’s crazy .. and her spoiler to me was: get ready for a lot about evolution..

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  1. e3liacin says:

    There are times that change is seen after long period of time – to see that change some has to be there for that period of time. In our camp we used to have a wall by the beach, it was turned down by a hurricane – now we have a set of steps that least to no where – those steps are been hit byt the sea waves day and night – for some people the wall disapearing was a big change – for me who live here for 7 years – I can notice the changes in the steps (I’m I making any sense?) To see some changes requiere life involvement -require Time. Changes does not come in microwavable packets.I’m there with you life and ministry is about changes.

  2. tuneouttv says:

    I can relate. I hate it when a speed reader makes a monket out of me.

  3. Michael Nickels-Wisdom says:

    I’m curious. I’ve wanted to ask various fellow-Christians what they think about evolution. It can be a touchy situation. Has the spectrum of opinion changed at all over the years? So, what is your opinion?MNW

  4. Mike Todd says:

    I’m jealous… mine’s on back order!