foot surgery today

How much more personal can blogging get, you might ask?

This afternoon I’ll be going under the knife for a minor foot surgery. I noticed an “abnormal appearance of tissue under the hallux of the right foot” a few weeks ago.

In conversation with the doctor, he described that growth as some result of trauma to the foot. I scanned the recesses of my memory, and recalled an incident when I stepped on a piece of Lego (from the Alpha Team collection) that had a round pointy thing that poked into my foot maybe 6 months or so ago. And apparently, that did create notable trauma at that time, my hopping around on one foot screaming ouchy-ouchy, and has now turned into this growth that’s become more annoying and bothersome.

The official diagnosis is “poro keratosis” and the doctor’s recommendation was surgical removal rather than acidic burn, the other alternative for its removal. I’ll be under local anaesthesia and am told that I’ll be able to drive home afterward. Should take a week or two to recouperate. This may mean more blogging, or more sedation, will see and let you know.

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  1. enoch choi says:

    God bless the podiatrist’s hands…

  2. rob says:

    Get well soon!