fish bowl lifestyle

there’s talk here and there about privacy, and how queezy some people I know get when things are made known about them, whether it’s a candid photo, or a story where their name is mentioned, or paranoic attempts to hide personal information from javascripts or cookies or credit card purchases, or the struggle I hear from some who serve in public offices that guard their privacy tenaciously.. I don’t know what to make of that.. as a pastor, or minister, I am in a public office, and for me, I have no queeziness in making known how I live my life, and what my thoughts are.. this isn’t to say that I’m exhibitionistic, nor is it to say that I can’t keep confidentiality.. and let’s get the caveat out of the way– _I guard personal items of confidentiality shared to me with the strongest of privacy_… but as for my personal life, I spend little energy or effort to guard it, or to avoid the “fish bowl” effect.. for one, I don’t know of many people who are that intrigued or interested in my personal life to want to watch me that closely, and 2ndly, I am of the persuasion that if people see my life authentically and genuinely for what it is, they can see my humanity, and also how Jesus Christ is making a difference in every way and in every detail of my life, and that can only be to God’s glory. All this to say that I live my life as an open book, that people can see me genuinely real in every way.. and I don’t have hangups about sharing things about me with others, and enjoy the dialogues and discussions with others who desire to do life together.

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