First Popular Website using a new gTLD .CLUB = 50inDa.Club

The launch of this new website 50InDa.Club could be a first of many for new gTLDs. Go ahead, it’s a working domain name, click on the link and see the landing page that’s there right now.


This first mover advantage for a prominent celebrity website using a new gTLD (mentioned in my previous blog post) goes to 50 Cent who is described as a “legendary rapper” in this press release 50 Cent is in Da .Club as Award-Winning Rapper, Actor & Entrepreneur Announces New Fan Site at 50InDa.Club : Artist to Debut Site & Host .CLUB’s NYC Launch Party::

Well-known for his No. 1 Billboard hit “In Da Club” and on the brink of releasing his new album early next month “Animal Ambition,” legendary rapper 50 Cent announced today the upcoming launch of the 50InDa.Club web site in association with .CLUB Domains, the company formed to own and operate the new “.CLUB” generic top-level domain (gTLD). 50 Cent will be officially launching the page and appearing live at the invitation-only launch party for the new .CLUB domain name extension in Manhattan on May 22, 2014.
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And, no, I didn’t get an invite to the launch party (yet?). Though I did just like his Facebook page (37m+ likes) and follow his Twitter (7.4m+ followers).

What’d help this internet namespace expansion program for 1,000+ new domain extensions coming online in the next couple years is more celebrities and brands (and more companies & organizations & thousands of everyday people too) actively using new gTLDs sooner than later.

Buying and selling domain names don’t do nearly as much as people using domain names to connect with digital goods to enhance their lifestyle, be it connecting with friends & family on social media, entertaining themselves with photos and videos, shopping online, looking up information, communicating with causes, blogging for feeding the content consumption of millions.

cf. New TLDs Need Active Websites to Gain Recognition – How .ME is Getting it Done (

[update 05/16/14] // a friend just alerted me to – a Cuban-American rapper launched a new Spanish website with more than a landing page, and he’s got 16.6m+ followers on Twitter and 51m+ likes on Facebook – maybe it’ll be the rappers leading the way for new gTLDs.. //

— This is part of the blog series about new gTLDs

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