first impression of IE7

I installed IE7 beta 2 yesterday on 2 older PCs, which had been hijacked by malware in recent past. I figured, if IE6 was vulnerable to malware (that’s how I was infected before, twice), IE7 in beta couldn’t be any worse, and there’s a good chance things are better. And indeed they were! MSIE7 loads and runs so much faster than Internet Explorer 6! Very happy about that. There’s a few glitchy things with my trying to move the toolbars where I’d like (and couldn’t), but the overall speed improvement is worth test-driving in beta for me.

They had a party and didn’t invite me. Just to dispel any rumors or impressions that I’m any kind of a web personality that some people might have an illusion of my being one. Jeremiah the web strategist was invited to the party, and is entertaining the idea of possibly switching from Firefox to IE7. Just entertaining the idea since he was entertained, no decision yet. As for me, I’m sticking with Firefox for now, because I love the idea of open source and Smart Keywords.

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  1. I’m not making the switch yet –there are still some issues that need to be ironed out.

    I’m keeping a tally here on my evaluation