firmware update

while waiting for my Treo 600 updater 1.13 to install, I get a few extra moments to catch up on my blog-reading habit via my web-based Bloglines RSS reader, and then I gotta make the morning commute into the office.. a few blogs were updated upon return to home after the Nashville pilgrimage, and Aiden rightly observed that us blogger types are good at critiquing/whining/complaining about the things that are wrong, and by implication, aren’t as quick to affirming what’s right and good and useful; great at asking questions, but giving out answers not so much.. somewhat descriptive of the modern/postmodern transition, yes? 🙂

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  1. Will says:

    DJ: Ditto the comments on radio-orthodoxy. We need to start calling down on CBA-orthodoxy as well. Thanks for the reminder about Karen. She is doing a cool work.