finished my last talk at retreat

Whew, what a weekend. EMME group photo I’ve left the retreat site and finished 5 talks to a wide range of about 110 junior highers to high schoolers from Austin Chinese Church’s Lighthouse ministry. I’m grateful for the warm invitation; my talks were well-received. I had to rest a lot during the weekend, b/c of a persistent cough and maybe chest cold, so I didn’t get to hang out with the teens as much as I’d have liked. A very fun bunch, and fun-filled retreat; lots of creativity and energy.

The technicians behind the sound board did an incredible job, and so did the worship bands. Incredible sounds; very Austin. I’ll be getting a copy of the audios to my talks, special thanks to John Mao for going the extra mile to record them. Now to recoup.

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  1. Rodan says:

    hey dj. good job this weekend! sorry if we were slightly distracted sometiems.. but seriously thanks for coming and speaking wiht us.

  2. natala says:

    hi dj –
    wow, good for you and the speaking, i know that it must have been hard, glad the cough didn’t get in the way too much.
    Have a great day!