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You can worship in the comforts of your own home or coffeehouse or anywhere there’s a (high-speed) internet connection. Thousands are worshipping online and that number will continue to grow as worship online goes more mainstream. As that happens, more people will be searching for where to worship online.

The 2 biggest list of online churches (aka churches with internet campuses) are at [1] “Churches with an Internet Campus” – the Digital @ Leadership Network blog and [2] the List of Online Churches and Internet Campuses a spreadsheet curated by David Drinnon of I had initially curated the list at the Digital blog and stopped keeping it updated now that there’s an editable spreadsheet that can be edited by anyone (kinda like Wikipedia) and the wisdom of the crowd can keep it updated! Here’s the spreadsheet of online churches:

(Granted, there are also many other churches with a live-stream or live video of their worship service, but this list is for the churches with a worship experience customized for an online audience. We’re aware. And, even though the government isn’t granting tax-exempt status to a 100% virtual church, that doesn’t necessary mean an online church isn’t a real church. Churches in some other countries don’t have tax-exempt status either)

[update] see List of Online Churches with Internet Campus or Webcast – collaborately maintained >>

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7 Responses

  1. Alejandra says:

    I usually go to, they have several live services from churches like Morning Star Baptist, St. John Baptist, etc. on Sundays.

  2. Kyle Gilbert says:

    Great list! Thanks, DJ!