feeding the hungry

I tried, I really tried. Had an older Latino looking lady hand me a card, saying something about having 5 children to feed and needing food. But she didn’t speak English. So I invited her to walk in with me to Panera to get some food for her, and I decided to get her a box of bagels.. she looked puzzled and muttered something about a sandwich. I figured a big box of bagels would go much farther to feed the fam, than a little sandwich. Wished her well and on her way.

Here again at Panera on their free WiFi, such a great service.. and now they’re serving Jones Soda too. 🙂 and to take a moment to give thanks and praise to GOD for the incredible answers to prayer, in how He’s shown up in my life during the past week, a time of brokenness and fragileness for me, that He could give me strength for a crucial event I was coordinating, and to bring healing and freedom in key relationships in my life.. all’s I did was be transparent [as 99.9% of you think I am; it’s that 0.1% that think I’m not that confounds me] with a few people, shared my need for prayer, and God answered so quickly.. now I know that’s not the way it usually works, but to have it work in this fashion really gets one’s attention, you know?

God opened my eyes to what he has made me (and all of us), that we are stewards, an old English word for managers. So that means embedded in our being and abilities is to be a manager. Even though I much prefer the world of ideas, God has put us in the real tangible world, which requires mundane daily practical stuff. And God, in making us managers, will give us the strength to manage. Life is all about management, and that’s everything: relationships, talents, tasks, work, time, money, influence, impact, power, name, body, recreation, technology, food, things, giving, volunteering, et al.

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