feast or famine scheduling

In my work lifestyle of telecommuting, it sure feels like feast or famine when I get my phone calls and in-person meetups scheduled from time to time. I go for days without getting any, and then I’ll get a feasty kind of day like yesterday.

On top of a handful of phone calls that happen to land on the same weekday, I met up with new and old friends. Great lunch with Daniel So, who works as a pastor of student ministries (youth) down in San Diego, but routinely drives up for a day trip to Orange County or Los Angeles during the week. Among us bloggers, the personal name might not ring a bell as much as the blog address. Daniel is the headsparks guy! So as it is with a first face-to-face meeting, whether with a blogger or a ministry leader, or in this case, both, the conversations usually revolves around an exchange of life stories and how in the world did we get to where we are. Then conversations turn to hot issues, burning questions, and/or talking about other bloggers and churches. So we did something along those lines. Great time! I hope to see Daniel at my next speaking gig in Los Angeles, where I’ll have 30 minutes of undivided attention of around 100 Asian American pastors and ministry leaders, talking about churches and bloggers.

Great phone call with Pastor Sam Park, who is starting up a church called The Sycomore around the Flushing and Queens area of New York City. Loved hearing about his heart for God and people, and their core for character development and spiritual formation. I’d love to have a church home that had that kind of community life, and then to see it overflow into blessings for others.

Dinner was with old friends from early seminary days, Brent & Leila Wong and their 2 boys. Fun times around the jacuzzi, the pool, and the apartment home. Finally have a buddy to go hot tubbing with; though I’d love to find a few more. I tried out a few of my lame jokes from my childhood aspiration to be a standup comedian. They got the biggest kick out of my mii.

mii wii

What a great day! Sure beats the steady diet of emails and blogs.

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  1. daniel so says:

    DJ — Thanks for making time to meet up! I had a great time as well. Boy, I’m glad I didn’t choose a blog handle like “big nerd” 🙂 Definitely looking forward to your talk in September…

  2. DJ, the “mii wii” pic is killing me, lol!