fast fast food

Decided on a hot breakfast this morning. Wound up at “Mickey-D’s“. Noticed on the way in they’re serving Dr. Pepper now. Got my usual #2. My son Jeremiah went with #5. The fast food was served up faster than I ever experienced, done before my credit card transaction goes through at most other places. Can you say: no wait time?

#2 Sausage McMuffin #5 Sausage Biscuit
This is a McDonald’s that’s now open 24 hours, has a redesigned brown palette decor. Can you say: third place? Looks like things are turning around for McDonald’s. Jeremiah and I had a little business strategy conversation about customer service. Why is quality and speedy customer service valuable? 2 ways to increase profit: sell to more customers, or sell more products to the same customers. Customer service connects you better to the same customers. Voila.

Needed a place to sit for a while to work. Wifi access is available here via the WayPort network for $2.95 per 2-hour block. This one isn’t announcing its availability yet, no comp logins yet. Nevertheless, $3 for 2 hours is a good deal for the mobile road warrior. But I used my T-Mobile Total Internet access plan to let you all know this.


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  1. aus_chick says:

    i went to one one chinatown, nyc this weekend and the service was the slowest i’d ever had… i guess it depends which on you go to. And some trivia for you – in Australia we don’t say “Micky-D’s” we say “Macca’s”.